Prayer is one of our greatest gifts as Christians, and we want to understand why.


A journey through the book of Acts with the early church.


A series on Romance Sex & Dating.

Easter 2017

The tomb of Jesus Christ is empty and because it’s empty we can find freedom.


A study through the book of Jonah.


Look to Jesus to ReShape your attitude toward money and possessions.

Vision Sunday 2017

God is continually creating mature disciples of Christ in relational environments at FC.


As we start the new year with all these resolutions, let’s resolve to have a spiritual detox.

Vision Culture

God has a vision for his people and we can process issues through that lens.


As we walk through the letter of 1 Peter we see how we can remain focused through it all.

Life of David

David was many things, a shepherd, a warrior, a king, and many others.

Send Me

God is seeking those who will go into our city, our country, and our world to proclaim the gospel.