Short-Term Trips


A short-term trip is one that is a maximum of two weeks.  Short-Term trip members are sent to serve alongside of Foothills’ long-term missionaries and church planters, and these trips are one of the best discipleship opportunities at our church. A lifetime commitment to the nations often begins on a Short-Term Trip. You, your friends, or even your whole small group can pick a trip and apply today! 


Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) all FC Mission Trips are postponed until further notice.

Requirements to go on Short-Term:
  1. Follower of Jesus Christ
  2. Attend all of the Pre-Trip Meetings
Steps to Going Short Term:
  1. Pray
  2. Pick a Trip
  3. Fill out and submit the application
  4. Pay Your $150 deposit
  5. Apply or Renew Your Passport *For international trips only
  6. Raise Support
  7. Attend Team Meetings
  8. Take The Trip