Campus Team Leader

Accountable To: Student Outreach Pastor

Time Commitment: Part Time (10 hours/week)

One Sentence Job Description: As a Campus Team Leader, we need you to initiate, invest, and invite. You win when new students begin to engage with FC Students.

The Win

  • The Campus Team Leader will help new students experience Jesus through a relationship with you.

General Responsibilities

  • Be a visible leader on Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings, and on campus at our local schools.
  • Champion Foothills Church and FC Students on campuses and in the community.
  • Mentor 2-3 students to deeper levels of intimacy with Jesus.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Initiate relationships with new students and families.
    • Take initiative to meeting new students while on school campuses.
    • Regularly participate in campus ministry functions such as school lunches, sporting events, plays, etc.
    • Develop positive relationships with school administration, faculty, and coaches.
  • Invest in their lives to make an impact.
    • Develop meaningful, ongoing relationships with students beyond the reach of our ministry.
    • Learn and remember details about a students’ life and interests to build trust over time.
    • Be involved in the strategic process to create opportunities to reach new students and provide a place they can belong at Foothills Church.
  • Invite them to engage.
    • Regularly invite new students to relational events, evangelistic nights, and midweek.
    • Plan and execute one relational event a month for 8-12 students.
    • Invite students to take their first or next step in their relationship with Jesus.


  • Loves God & cares about the next generation.
  • A partner of FC who is fulfilling their partnership covenant.
  • Able to spend 10 hours a week on school campuses or at least 2 school functions.
  • Be a small group leader or co-leader in FC Students.


  • Highly relational and outgoing.
  • Able to relate with students, parents, and school faculty.
  • Take initiative when meeting new students and inviting students to FC Students events.
  • Be a team player who collaborates with a team of student ministry staff and complies with school administration.
  • Stay culturally relevant and engaged in student's worlds.

Job Details

  • Free entrance to all campus ministry events
  • Stipend - $200/month per Campus Team Leader