October 25

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Maryville Location


FC Students is excited to host our Dodgeball Tournament on Wednesday, October 25! This will be an amazing night with a combined service (all middle and high school from BOTH LOCATIONS) followed by a Dodgeball tournament with over $1,000 worth of prizes on the line. We'll also have games, food trucks, and a costume contest as well!

What To Expect

Team Night is a night all about you, the volunteer! We know that helping guests experience Jesus is important, so we want to encourage and equip you to be the best volunteer you can be! Come spend an evening with our Guest Experience Coaches & Team Leaders team, where you'll be motivated and inspired for the next ministry year!

Dodgeball Tournament:

  • Middle School, High School Girl, and High School Guy Brackets
  • Teams of 5
  • Single elimination
  • Winning team receives $500
  • Costume Contest (prize to the team with the best costumes)


Here are a few other frequently asked questions you may have about the event.

When is the Dodgeball Tournament?

Registration for the Dodgeball Tournament opens at 6:00pm on Wednesday, October 25. (all team members must be present for registration). Combined Service will take place at 6:45, and the dodgeball tournament will follow.

Who can register to play?

We'll have a middle school, high school girls, and high school boys bracket. You must meet those criteria if you want to play in the tournament.

Is this for Knoxville and Maryville?

Yes! We are combining both of our locations for one incredible night.

Does it cost anything to register?

Not at all! It's free to register a team for the Dodgeball tournament. The only thing you need to bring money for is the food trucks!

What if I can't find 5 people to play?

Don't worry! We'll have a "Free Agent" station for students who may not be able to find a team or are just looking for that 5th person.

What if I have some questions that haven't been answered here?

If you have a question we didn't answer, please email us at