Mid-Term Trips


Foothills Church defines a Mid-Term assignment as anything lasting one month to two years. Assignments are provided by the IMB. You will be placed on an experienced IMB mission team and gain life changing valuable experience. Click the link below to search for placement options: 

Requirements for Mid-Term: 
  1. Follower of Jesus Christ
  2. Member or leader of a FC Small Group
  3. Participation in at least one Short-Term Trip
  4. Recommended by the FC Missional Leadership Team
  5. Completion of the Mid-Term Process defined below:
    1. Self-Assessment
    2. Interview with MLT staff
    3. Complete The Missions Course
    4. Complete The Multiplication Course


Mission Opportunities

Nehemiah Teams

Serve with an IMB missionary overseas during the summer.

Hands On Teams

Serve with an IMB missionary overseas for a six-month semester.