Long-Term Trips


Requirements for Long-Term: 
  1. Follower of Jesus Christ
  2. Member or leader of an FC Small Group
  3. Participation in at least one Short-Term Trip
  4. Recommended by the FC Missional Leadership Team  
  5. Completion of the Mid-Term Process defined below:
    1. Self-Assessment
    2. Interview with MLT staff
    3. Complete The Missions Course
      1. This course is our basic mission training that all our people go through who are going overseas.  It provides the biblical foundation of mission.
    4. Complete The Multiplication Course
      1. This course is necessary for those who are being sent on a mid-term or long-term placement.  It provides the essential strategy for reproducing disciples in any context.
    5. Word on Life Course
      1. This course equips FC partners to follow Jesus in a disciple-making lifestyle with a focus on the nations. Word on Life helps you lead church partners to develop healthy routines by reading through the New Testament and applying it in community to their daily lives. Organized in four six-week modules.
Long Term Mission Opportunities: