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How willing are you to forego personal preferences to honor the culture into which you are going?*

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Volunteer projects can be extremely strenuous and stressful.  They may include long rides in the back of a truck or on a bus.  Travelers are almost always required to carry their own luggage.  Restrooms are not always readily accessible.  The food may not be what you are accustomed to eating.  Fruits and vegetables may not be available or advisable to eat.  The housing and meeting locations may not have air conditioning and may not have adequate heating/cooling.  There can be a considerable amount of walking involved in your trip, as well as climbing hills and/or several flights of stairs.  During the winter months, walking may be on snow or ice-covered walkways and stairs.  Summer months in many parts of the world can be very hot.  The air quality is poor in many locations.  All of these factors may aggravate certain health conditions and the medical facilities in most countries where we travel may provide inadequate care.  We may request a medical release statement from your doctor.

Do you have any physical condition that may limit your ability to perform the ministry for which you have applied under the conditions above?*

i.e., have you experienced any knee or back problems?

Do you have any existing medical condition that may require extended medical treatment or surgery in the future?*

Have you had any surgery or major health problems in the past two years?*

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Are you currently under a doctor's care or have you been in the past year?*

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