Girls Director (Associate)

Accountable To: Student Pastor

Time Commitment: Full Time

One Sentence Job Description: Help students experience Jesus.

The Win

  • As the Girls Director, we need you to lead our student staff & volunteers to help students experience Jesus . You win when your team is equipped, empowered, and inspired to reach students & families.

General Responsibilities

  • Be a visible leader on Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings, and on campus at our local schools.
  • Teach & train female students, volunteers, and parents in a variety of contexts when needed.
  • Be deeply engaged in our creative process, midweek experience, and event planning for all of FC Students to help create a more dynamic space where girls can experience Jesus.
  • Lead various ministries within FC Students in healthy growth both spiritually and numerically.
  • Be deeply involved in volunteer recruiting, training, and appreciation.
  • Regularly participate in campus ministries functions such as school lunches, FCA’s, games, plays, etc.
  • Be regularly engaged in counseling girl students, volunteers, and families.
  • Under the leadership of the student pastor, work directly with our girls SGL coaches to help them develop & disciple the girls in our ministry.
  • Regularly evaluate the health of our girls small groups, leaders, and specific events to ensure that they best serve girls in middle school and high school.
  • Meet with, train, and lead our core student girls to deeper levels of intimacy with Jesus.
  • Oversee our Guest Services team on Wednesday nights to help create an environment where students can belong.

Other Responsibilities (based on candidate)

We ask this position to be able to do at least one of these specialities:

  • Event Coordinating - Work with our student staff to ensure all events are organized and executed well so that more students can experience Jesus.
  • Social Media & Communications - Oversee all student ministry communication platforms to ensure they are communicating important information, building community, and reaching new students & families.
  • Worship Experience Planning - Manage all service programming details & content by collaborating with our student team & worship team to ensure each experience is unforgettable & age appropriate.
  • Administration - Bring organization & clarity to our ministry by coordinating logistics, managing our volunteer systems, and assisting in all weekly operations.


  • Loves God & cares about the next generation.
  • A partner of FC who is fulfilling their partnership covenant.
  • Possesses the qualification of a deaconess (1 Timothy 3).
  • Maintains an overall healthy lifestyle physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Highly organized and detailed.
  • Able to communicate well verbally and through written communications to students & parents.
  • Emotionally mature and possesses a high level of emotional intelligence and problem solving skills.
  • Able to plan 6-12 months in advance.


  • Be a self-starter, but work on a team.
  • Be willing to assist in other environments within the next gen team.
  • Operate digitally through platforms like Slack, Asana, and Google Drive Suite.
  • Be a team player who collaborates with both a team of student staff and a location team in carrying out the mission of the church each week.
  • Enjoy working in a multi-site environment.
  • Be on school campuses for lunches, practices, games, plays, etc.
  • Stay culturally relevant and engaged in student's worlds.
  • Must be able to lead, correct, train, equip, and push girls and teach them to carry the vision into their areas of influence.

Direct Report

  • Specific interns as determined by the student pastor.