The Intern Program

The Intern Program (TIP) at FC gives you an opportunity to realize your gifts and then develop those gifts to become a more effective ministry leader. TIP provides hands-on ministry experience while you attend FC School of Ministry. FC School of Ministry partners with Christian Colleges and Seminaries, which means the classes you take at TIP go toward your degree.TIP is a volunteer position. Each participant commits to serve for nine months during the normal school year (fall to spring) for approximately 20 hours per week. In addition to their regular department responsibilities, participants are encouraged to attend one meeting per month as well as a weekend retreat.

We are currently looking for TIP participants for 2018–2019. If you are interested in applying, please complete the form below. The areas of interest listed below are the only opportunities available for TIP at this time. If you have any questions, please email

Overview and Expectations:
  • Classroom: Monday 6:30-8PM.
  • Ministry Experience: Hands-on experience in ministry is paramount for leadership development. We will provide a ministry coach to help guide you through the experience.
  • Writing Assignments: Participants will be expected to complete all writing assignments.
  • Assigned Reading: Participants will be expected to read all assigned reading by the deadline.
Areas of Focus


Discover your gifts and develop your ability to lead worship. Participants will assist in worship programming, developing the worship experience on Sunday, and developing his or her musical skills. Participants will assist in rehearsals, planning, organizing, and leading volunteers.

Pastoral Minsitry

Discover your gifts and learn how to write sermons, lead a staff, and grow a church.


Participants will develop his or her gifts and assist in all aspects of programming and executing the adult worship services of FC. You will participate in creative meetings, debrief the services, and execute projects. He or she will learn to operate various production equipment and programs.

  • Communication
  • Video
  • Graphics
  • Website

Outreach Ministry

Discover your gifts and participate in planning, organizing, and executing externally focused ministries. Help prepare teams for mission trips and go overseas with one of our teams.


Discover your gifts and help create an incredible experience for guests that attend FC. Learn how to connect with seekers and attenders and help them take his or her next step to connect at FC. Participants will also provide a number of administrative tasks that enable proper follow up.

Family Ministry

FC Kids: Participates will help create the best environments for kids to meet Jesus and grow in faith. He or she will assist in volunteer development, guest services, project management, and general administration. Participants will also use their unique giftedness to minister in the large group environments on Sunday.

FC Students (6th-12th grade): Participants will interact with volunteers, organize student ministry events, participate in creative meetings, learn organizational skills, assist with a variety of planning tasks, and truly be a part of a fast-paced team working within the student ministry.



Patrick Weikle

"Being a Pastoral Intern at FC Students played a major role in my growth as a leader and as a Pastor. My internship gave me the opportunity to combine theories about ministry with practical opportunities to do ministry. I wouldn’t be as effective in ministry today without my FC Students internship."

Patrick is a former Pastoral Intern and is now the Associate Student Pastor at Cross Church in Fayetville, Arkansas.

Trey Stewart

"Through being an intern at Foothills I was able to have real life ministry experience and sit under some of the best leadership. It gave me opportunities to develop my leadership personally and helped me grow in certain areas as well. This internship challenged, equipped, and prepared me for the ministry I am in today."

Trey is a former Pastoral Intern and is now a Student Pastor at Family Church in West Palm Beach, FL.

Josh Smith

"My time working with FC Students was a major catalyst to my preparation for vocational ministry. Each day was intentionally built to practically develop me as both a leader and a Christ follower. It is one of the best investments I have ever made."

Josh is a former Pastoral Intern and now serves on the student ministry staff at Grace Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN.

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