May 30 - June 3


Myrtle Beach

Registration Closed


Students will experience a five day, summer camp experience where we will focus on growing our relationship with Jesus and having insane amounts of fun. We will have morning & evening worship experiences, Tribe Wars (our annual camp competition), free time at the beach & pool, small groups, and so much more throughout the week. We know this is a big decision for your family.

So we promise three things if you register.

  • We promise your teenager is going experience Jesus.
  • We promise your teenager is going to have insane amounts of fun.
  • We promise to make it as safe of an experience as possible!

We will be posting our full schedule at the link below as we get closer. The important information to know is that check-in will be Monday morning, May 30, at 3:30AM and we will depart for Kingston Plantation at 4:30AM. We will return on Friday, June 3, at approximately 3:00PM.

Our daily schedule during the week (Tuesday-Thursday) will look something like this:

  • Morning Devotion
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Session
  • Tribe Wars
  • Lunch
  • Free Time // Tournaments
  • Dinner
  • Night Session
  • Lights Out


Where is the event?

Coastal 2022 will be at gated community & Hilton property called The Kingston Plantation. The location is on the beach & has a host amenities. You can visit the properties hotel website by clicking here.

What is the total cost of the event?

This is event is for 6th-12th grade students who want to grow in their relationship with Jesus! We will also be taking a host of staff, volunteers, and other adults!

What should I bring?

Our team will send out a packing list a few weeks out before the event to your email. If you have any specific questions please feel free to email our team at

What adults will be going?

We will be bringing an entire team of pastors, church staff, and volunteer small group leaders who have been trained and background checked. We always try and bring about 1 adult for every 4-5 students.

Will my middle school student be with high school students (or vise versa)?

We do our best to keep middle school & high school as separate as possible. During camp we will have grade specific small groups, rooming arrangements, and most of the Tribe competitions will be separate too. Of course, there will be some overlap during meal times & worship, but for the most part we keep them with their own grade based group of friends!

How will we be getting there?

Our team will be contracting Rocky Top Tours for all of our transportation. Our bus drivers are trained, licensed, and insured by their company as well.

What will housing be like on this event?

We will be staying at the Kingston Plantation Resort. Each room sleeps about 6-8 people and is suited with a full kitchen and multiple bathrooms. There is 24 hour security at the Kingston Plantation as well which will be keeping us safe all week long.

What will we be eating?

Our team will be catering three meals a day for the duration of the week. We make sure to provide meals & catering solutions that everyone likes. In years past, we have catered Five Guys, Chick-Fil-A, Firehouse Subs, and other teenager friendly foods. As always we do encourage students to bring snacks and let us know if they have any major allergy restrictions so we can do our best to accommodate. We will post our full menu a few weeks out!

Will there be scholarships?

Unfortunately, Foothills Church cannot provide scholarships. But, it is so easy to raise the money. If you need help with ideas on fundraising email us at

Are there refunds for this event?

Once you register, you are responsible to pay for the entirety of the balance. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or allow any cancellations this year unless the event is cancelled all together. You may transfer your spot to someone else with the approval of Foothills Church.

What if I have some questions that haven't been answered here?

If there is a question you have we didn't answer, then please feel free to email us at