June 14, 21, 28

10:00 - 11:30am

Room 201


After completing Basecamp and officially partnering with Foothills Church, we invite you to step into Camp II where you will discover God's unique DESIGN for your life. This three-week class meets during scheduled times on Sundays and is designed to lay a foundation for FC Partners to effectively serve in their ministry sweet spot. In this class, we will provide practical material and teaching to help you understand and affirm your unique spiritual gifts and personality traits. The core of this class emphasizes the role of ministry and what it truly means to effectively serve in ministry by applying those spiritual gifts in such a way that blesses others. As you complete Camp II, you will be equipped and motivated to serve God's Kingdom in a role that complements your unique DESIGN. Camp II classes are held on Sundays and open to high school graduates and above. Childcare will be available upon registration.