Church Planting

As the gospel is shared and people become followers of Jesus, it is important that they gather as a community of believers who in turn make more disciples and plant more churches.  At Foothills Church we want to be a catalyst to plant Jesus-centered churches in our community, North America, and around the world.  


Pastor Greg left FC just a few years ago to plant a church called Veritas City Church in DC. Greg, his wife Grace, and their two children, Cora and Iver, are there currently laying the foundation for this church and God is already blessing their efforts.


This year we are sending our first team to help with a church plant in the city of London, England. We are partnering with the IMB as well as two other churches to establish and grow this church in an area that is 80% Islamic.

South Asia

We will also be sending our first team to South Asia to begin planting a church here. More details coming soon.