Pastor Trent and his father Ron Stewart were the catalysts for the birth of a new church in Blount County TN. Ron Stewart was the senior pastor at Grace Baptist Church in Knoxville, and Pastor Trent was the student pastor.  GBC decided to send Pastor Trent, his family, and a team of thirty volunteers to plant a new church in Maryville. Easter Sunday 2009 Foothills Church was born.  The church started in a local school and met in the gymnasium for the first two years.

In 2011 FC purchased a building formerly known as Thunderworld, a restaurant, bowling alley, and arcade.  The new facility began what would be the first of three phases.  The first phase of construction was for the children’s ministry. That year the church went from 180 people to 400 in attendance. The second phase began in 2013 with the renovation of the bowling alley into a 600 seat auditorium. The church grew to 800 in attendance that year, followed by breaking 1,000 in attendance the following year. God continued to bless FC with opportunities to impact our city and many people came to know Christ. In August of 2016 the third phase began with the purchase of 3 acres next door to the church and the construction of a new 1,200 seat auditorium.

The numbers have been great at FC, but numbers are not the goal.  The mission of Foothills Church has always been focused on making disciples.  Pastor Trent once said, “We’ve never been motivated by growing a church. We’re motivated by the Great Commission and the power of the gospel. We don’t want people to simply go to church, we want them to be the church.”