1. Pray

To begin praying for the households in your neighborhood sign-up for Pray 4 Every Home, the web-based app, by clicking the button above. You will receive an email within 24hrs to lead you through praying for your neighbors. Your default password for your account will be "foothills".


2. Social Media

You can always make your own posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to share what God is doing at FC but you can easily share, repost, or retweet the stories and encouraging things we post every week.


3. Personal Invite

Coming March 18th we will have door hanger invitations for you to go to your neighbors to easily invite them to join us for Easter on Aprils 1st. We will also have yard signs for you to put in your own yards to get the word out about Easter Sunday.


District Leaders

Volunteer to Lead - District 1
Jane Russell -District 2 
Volunteer to Lead - District 3
Kristen Mcharge - District 4
Volunteer to Lead - District 5
Volunteer to Lead - District 6
Erik & Elena Nelson - District 7
Louis & Janet Culpeper - District 8




Q: What should I pray for my neighbors?
A: The Pray 4 Every Home app has a daily prayer you can pray for a group of your neighbors. You can also download the FC app and select the Pray tab to use the guide there as well.

Q: How often should I pray?
A: If you commit to praying for 5 neighbors a day then we can reach our goal to pray for every household in Blount County by Easter.

Q: How do I know what district I'm a part of?
A: Simply locate your home on the map above to see which district you are located in.

Q: Who is my district leader? 
A: You will be able to connect with your district leader on March 18th after the service as we begin the process of going door to door with invites for Easter.