Life Summit 1: Dating & Marriage Prep

Questions: Where is my place as a single in the church? How do I prepare for marriage?
Purpose: Learn biblical manhood/womanhood and a bliblical understanding of dating and marriage.
Celebration: Proposal

Life Summit 2: Marriage

Questions: How do I develop and sustain a Christ-centered marriage?
Purpose: Learn to communicate and resolve conflict while growing together in Christ.
Celebration: Marriage Commitment

Life Summit 3: Birth of Baby

Questions: What can I expect? How do I do this?
Purpose: Learn how to handle the challenges of being a new parent.
Celebration: Baby Dedication

Life Summit 4: Salvation

Questions: How do I lead my child to Christ?
Purpose: Learn how to communicate the gospel in simple and clear way.
Celebration: Baptize your child

Life Summit 5: Family Discipleship

Questions: How can I disciple my children? What does it mean to be a spiritual leader
Purpose: Understand how to lead and develop a gospel-centered home.
Celebration: Family Retreat (4th & 5th graders)

Life Summit 6: Parenting a Middle Schooler

Questions: What happened to my child? How do I adapt to the changes in my child?
Purpose: Learn what to expect and how to handle the changes in your child.

Celebration: Purity Weekend

Life Summit 7: Parenting a High Schooler

Questions: How do I handle my child’s independence? When should my child start dating?
Purpose: Learn how to transition into parenting an adult.
Celebration: High School Graduation

Life Summit 8: The Empty Nest

Questions: Now What? Who am I now?
Purpose: Learn how to leave a legacy to your children and grandchildren.
Celebration: 2nd Honeymoon