Are you interested in joing the team at FC? Well our one goal in the hiring process at FC is to find and hire great employees. We look for four qualities when hiring:


We strive to find people who are of good character, walking with Christ, and on board with our culture. Culture refers to how well they understand what we do and how well they partner with us to continue the vision. Competency refers to the ability to do the job at hand. Chemistry means clicking with the pastors and other team members.

In order to ensure that we hire the right people, we have all candidates take several assessments to determine gifting, personality strengths and weaknesses, and compatibility with job responsibilities.

Current Opportunities:


The Process:

  1. Fill out the FC Application here.
  2. Email your application and resume to We will then send you The DESIGN Packet.
  3. Fill out The DESIGN Packet and email or turn in a copy to the church office.
  4. Candidates considered for the position will then be contacted to set up a phone interview.
  5. Other assessments will then be provided.
  6. Formal interviews will then take place.